Leto, with 52 years of success in the health sector has been the first private prestigious Maternity Hospital in Greece and lately has been accredited as a General Clinic too that provides a comprehensive range of health services, from Obstetrics-Gynecology to General and Plastic Surgery, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, functional rinoplasty. The surgical clinic possesses 8 aseptic and 3 septic operating rooms, four of which are equipped for the performance of endoscopic and laparoscopic operations.

Our General Clinic offers advanced medical services with all types of imaging studies that can be performed at the CT and MRI Department, having installed latest technology scanners.

Leto has also a sophisticated and modern Breast Center offering excellent care from a highly qualified scientific team and a top performance screening with an experienced operative and postoperative monitoring, mainly for breast cancer cases.

Located in central Athens and easily accessible, Leto features facilities with a surface area of 7,000 m2 and a permit to operate as a general clinic with a capacity of 100 hospital beds as well as more than 25 diagnostic and therapeutic departments.

It is staffed with 270 employees and works with more than 700 doctors of various specialties.



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