Our vision

Our vision is to develop health care in Greece in accordance with the highest international standards, and to put into practice our belief that health is a right to be enjoyed by everybody. This is why we improve access to excellent health services, we use cutting edge medical equipment, we apply innovative therapies, we employ leading doctors and experienced nurses, and we invest in ongoing medical research and education.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best medical and nursing care for each patient and for each health issue through early prevention, accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment.


Our values


We develop relationships of respect and trust with patients and their families, as well as our colleagues, doctors, nurses, health professionals and executives.


We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, medical ethics and personal responsibility, honoring the patients who place their trust in us.


We are committed to offering the best medical and nursing services to each patient and for every health issue.


We invest in cutting-edge medical technology, we apply the latest treatments, we work with leading physicians and nurses, and we support ongoing medical research and education.


We stand by patients and their family members with sensitivity and compassion.


We ensure an excellent, safe and fair work environment that promotes teamwork and efficiency and aims to achieve our vision together.