Placing Greece at the center of medical innovation with unique medical breakthroughs


The following were performed for the first time in Greece at Hygeia:

  • Procedure on a patient with endometrial cancer using the latest generation da Vinci Xi robotic system.
  • Nephron-sparing renal tumor removal using the da Vinci Xi robotic system with integrated Firefly Technology.
  • Surgical procedure for debulking of ovarian cancer using the da Vinci Xi robotic system.
  • Heart transplantation.
  • Prostate cancer radioactive seed implantation.
  • Successful separation of Siamese twins in 1989.


The following were performed for the first time in Greece at Metropolitan Hospital:

  • Robotic hip and knee replacement procedures using the Mako system. More than 1,000 procedures have been performed in the first five years the system has been in use.
  • Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy (PIPAC) procedures by Capnomed.
  • Robotic assisted thoracic surgery (RATS) using the da Vinci Xi robotic system.
  • Robotic lobectomy of the lung.
  • Robotic abdominal hernia repair
  • Medical 3D printing, designing a procedure with millimeter precision on a model that has the features of the specific health problem and patient.


The following have been achieved at Mitera:

  • Innovative continuous voice monitoring technique during thyroid surgery on a child.
  • New breast reconstruction method with pre-pectoral implant placement.
  • Breakthrough heart valve placement without open surgery at Mitera Children’s Hospital.
  • Establishment of an Oncology Center for children and adolescents, and the first Cancel Survivors Clinic in Greece.
  • Operation of a new Endogenous Metabolic Diseases & Inherited Lipid Disorders Department at Mitera Children’s Hospital, the first in the private sector in Greece.
  • Creation of a 15-bed Hemodialysis Unit for patients with chronic kidney disease.


The following were performed for the first time in Greece at Metropolitan General Hospital:

  • Groundbreaking postoperative abdominal hernia repair using the da Vinci Xi robotic system and the eTEP-RS (enhanced-view totally extraperitoneal) technique.
  • Vascular procedure in the deep vein system of the lower limbs to repair chronic obstruction of the femoral and iliac veins.
  • Minimally invasive hip and knee replacement procedure using the Navio robotic system.
  • Plastic surgery procedure using the first Automatic Cell Station system worldwide, which separates stem cells and enriches them with fat during the procedure in the operating room, rather than at a lab.


The following have been achieved at Leto:

  • First water birth in Greece in 1999 in a specially designed pool, without medications, ensuring conditions of absolute safety for the mother and the newborn. More than 200 water births have been performed at Leto since then.
  • “Childbirth as if Being at Home” alternative childbirth technique introduced in 2010, in the comfort of pleasant surroundings, which do not in any way resemble a medical institution, guaranteeing the safety offered by a contemporary maternity hospital, while giving women the chance to share the experience of childbirth with their loved ones.
  • Revolutionary kangaroo care method introduced in 2012 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, practicing skin-to-skin contact between baby and parents, even for preterm babies or neonates being hospitalized in the Unit.
  • Establishment of the first IVF unit within a maternity hospital.
  • Regular hosting of laparoscopy seminars in four rooms equipped with the latest technology for new and experienced doctors, passing on our technical know-how as one of the best laparoscopy centers.


Non-invasive robotic procedures with minimal postoperative pain and greater safety, minimally invasive medicine with the best aesthetic results, shorter hospitalization, individualized surgery using medical 3D printing and even heart valve replacement without surgery have all become a reality