The Hellenic Healthcare Group is the largest private health care group in Greece.

Established in 2018 in order to play a leading role in the continuous development of medical and nursing care, a market which presents significant opportunities and prospects in Greece.

Committed to the implementation of an ambitious vision for modernizing health services according to the highest standards and promoting Greece internationally as a pioneer in medical and nursing care.

The Group owns and develops standard hospital units and centers (Center of Excellence) that feature high quality and internationally competitive health services, invest in medical scientific research and seek to constitute a magnet attracting specialized scientific personnel from Greece and abroad, at the same time reversing the “brain drain” in the health sector.

HHG Hospitals:

  • Treat approximately 1.3 million patients annually
  • Partner with more than 6.662 physicians
  • Employ more than 5.359 employees
  • Boast 1.630 hospital beds
  • Feature 108 operating rooms and 34 delivery rooms
  • Perform 101.418 surgeries annually
  • Perform 9.691 births annually
  • Utilize 12 robotic surgical systems
  • Operate 10 latest generation MRI machines
  • Feature 27 modern ambulances

With a great sense of responsibility, the Hellenic Healthcare Group aims to create value for patients, physicians, nurses, professionals in the field of healthcare, shareholders and, above all, healthcare both in Greece and internationally through strategic business and scientific collaborations.

Currently, Hellenic Healthcare Group:

  • HHG has 9 leading Healthcare Institutions, HygeiaMetropolitan HospitalMitera, Metropolitan GeneralLeto, Creta InterClinic in Crete, City Clinic in Kalamata and Apollonion Hospital and Aretaieio Hospital in Cyprus.  It also has the advanced diagnostic centers HealthSpot, the home health services Homecare,the diagnostic centers Πlaton Δiagnosis in Thessaloniki and Athens, the Center of Molecular Biology and Genomics A-Lab, and  Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis Unit for the most innovative assisted reproduction methods. Y-Logimed and GMP are medical devices trading companies. Business Care is providing occupational safety and healthcare services to businesses and organizations, while Heal Academy stands as the state-of-the-art Training Center, which offers education, advanced training, skills development, and research in the fields of Medicine, Nursing, and all Health Sciences in general.
  • It provides comprehensive medical care for every health issue, from birth to old age, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • It employs leading physicians in all specialties, who have a high level of expertise as well as academic and international experience, and well-trained nursing and administrative personnel.
  • It offers innovative healthcare services, advanced medical practices, and state-of-the-art diagnostic, prevention, and treatment approaches, which have been certified to the strictest international standards.
  • It constantly invests in and equips its healthcare facilities with top-notch medical technology.

A digital health world in your hands:

Keeping pace with the modern digital age, Hellenic Healthcare Group has introduced innovative digital applications to provide easy, fast, and convenient medical care to people who place their trust with the Group's Healthcare Institutions and Diagnostic Centers.

In particular, Hellenic Healthcare Group has launched my-Ygeia, a Personal Health Record application for digital storage and management of medical tests and data, through which users have direct and easy access to their medical record containing details on medical tests performed at any of HHG's Healthcare Institutions. Digital Clinic is also an application that offers remote diagnosis, prescription, and referral for tests, along with the possibility to schedule a medical appointment online. Also, through StaySafe platform, patients can easily and quickly schedule appointments online for COVID-19 testing at any of HHG's Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers.

With the support of a large investment fund, 

HHG utilizes the investment capital of CVC Capital Partners, which is one of the largest private equity investment funds worldwide, with a presence on three continents and 23 countries, with significant expertise in the hospital sector, especially in southern European countries.